Lenovo x240 doesnt start (SOLVED)

Lenovo x240 doesnt start

My Lenovo laptop x240 has been recently shutting down and wont turn back on.

Lenovo x240 doesnt start try Everything, Change Power Source, quit Baterry, try start without battery… nothing happen.

Then I found secret hole buttuen (reset bios button) press this, but anyway nothing happen.

On internet there are similar tutorials about this, but the problem is that are no photos, and the mos important doesnt explain that X240 laptop comes with and INTERNAL BATTERY PACK (plus to external removable battery) that is the principal problem.

Lenovo x240 doesnt start


  1. Quit External Battery
  2. Remove cover (about 8 screws, simple)
  3. Remove RAM (memory slot)
  4. Try Start (nothing happen at this point)
  5. Remove INTERNAL BATTERY PACK connector (please check where is this connector in image above)
  6. Try Start holding RESET button and power button together. (nothing happen)
  7. And now the MOST IMPORTANT
  8. CONNECT EXTERNAL BATTERY (Yes with the cover, and without internal baterry pack connected, try to insert the rectangular pins, be careful)
  9. Connect POWER cord.
  10. Try Start (YEEEES it works!!! beep its heared because nor RAM is installed)
  11. Connect internal battery pack again
  12. Insert RAM
  13. Disconect external baterry pack

Lenovo x240 doesnt start

Its Works like a Charm.

(sorry by my english, I am Argetinian)

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